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Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

The couple stood hand in hand before the minister at the front of the church. Family and friends filled the pews awaiting the holy union. One family’s son would wed the other family’s daughter. The minister gives a charge to the couple, then to the congregation, stating, “If anyone has any objection to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

I have decided to speak now rather than hold my peace.

Photo by Laura Velasco on Unsplash

Some of you know me pretty well. For those who don't, I'm Robyn - a late arriving journalist. The term "late arriving" doesn't connect with being late for appointments, but rather that I'm arriving late in the journalism game. Blogging wasn't my first choice, but I have come to realize it may be the best mode to disseminate the voice of reason and truth. I'm a Florida transplant, an Illinois native, but I've lived in Florida the bulk of my 57 years.

Over the last several years, I have sat on the sidelines of the political debate. I had an opinion, but I kept it to myself out of respect for others. I have consistently voted and done so by conscience, which candidate would benefit the nation as a leader. I considered voting an honor and a privilege. The word “privilege” has taken on a distorted, twisted version of itself in the current scheme of things, but this reference is not of color or status but rather freedom from tyranny.

While watching from the sidelines, I notice thousands of individuals, regular ordinary people like myself, expressing their opinions with fervor on all sorts of topics. I realized that opinions are valuable. Opinions are the voice of one’s belief. It occurred to me that if my voice was to be heard, I needed to speak up. This blog will facilitate my speaking up on current events and issues.

Going back to my high school days, I anticipated becoming a journalist. Well, 40 years later, I graduated from Regent University a few days ago with a master’s degree in Journalism. I understand that journalists are defined as unbiased, fair, and having objectivity. They are not supposed to voice their opinion in their writing but rather uncover the facts and report them. That is my intention here. I am reluctant to flavor my writing and comments with my opinion. However, when hard facts and the truth are uncovered, opinions should become useless and fall to the ground.

Photo by Alex Shute on Unsplash

I have started this blog to offer myself space to speak up, report the news and comment on things like election fraud, COVID-19 restrictions and mandates usurping U.S. sovereignty, the constitutionality of Roe v Wade and much more. I intend to follow breaking news nationally and news right here at home in South Florida. There’s plenty of controversy over sugar and water around Lake Okeechobee to keep one journalist busy.

Regardless of your political background or your stance on any of the “hot topics” in the news: CRT, abortion, the border crisis, the drug epidemic, the trafficking trade – sex and labor, election fraud vs. election integrity, progressive politics, LBGTQ+, the transgender debate, let’s meet the controversy, not to criticize and fuel hatred, but listen, learn, love and respect one another. We may disagree, but that doesn’t mean we cannot work together to make the United States of America the best it can be.

So, if you’re not afraid or ashamed, let’s embark on a journey that will prove to be more fun and informative than we dreamed – let’s get together and talk about how we can help retain what’s right and repair what’s wrong in our constitutional Republic.

Photo by Samuel Branch on Unsplash

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